The sun's energy is the least polluting and most inexhaustible of all known energy sources.  In the face of increasing weather and natural disasters a sun oven is one of the most important appliances to own.  The Global Sun Oven is truly an answer to energy conservation and for the reduction of the developing world's dependence on fossil fuels.

Cooking by the sun's power is truly a fascinating and satisfying experience.  With it you can cook almost anything—fish, poultry, meats, rice, peas, vegetables and the list goes on.  Baking in a Global Sun Oven is remarkable. The look as well as the taste of breads, cakes and muffins is fantastic. Sun-baked foods stay moister and have less shrinkage than conventional oven-cooked foods. It stays moist and tender because there is no movement of air and the entire oven chamber heats evenly. The complex carbohydrate breaks down slowly, allowing subtle natural flavours to emerge; there is no drying and that allows the food to stay tender. The reason it doesn't burn is that the entire chamber is the same temperature--the food, pot and air around the pot. The soup on a stove will scorch underneath if you don't keep stirring because the heat is coming from directly underneath. With the Global Sun Oven stirring to prevent scorching is not required. Food can be cooked for a longer time at a lower temperature or in less time at a higher temperature, without affecting the quality of the food.

The Sun Oven oven can also be used to purify water. In times of natural disaster the need for safe drinking water is critical.  Water is pasteurized when it has been above 160 degrees F for 6 minutes. That will kill all the bacteria. Boiling is 212 degrees F, so you don't need to boil it.


Apart from the serious side of the Global Sun Oven there is so much you can do with it for fun. Here are some suggestions.  The more people that are involved, the merrier you will be:

·        Start a Sun Oven Beach Club. Pack your ingredients and your sun ovens and spend the day at the beach. 

·        Organize a monthly church potluck using a batch of sun ovens.

·        Establish a Staff's Day Out with solar cooking competitions.

·        Join the slow food movement and live a green lifestyle.

·        Have a boater's Fish on Deck contest.


Your life is simplified by the use of this wonderful appliance.  You simply put in your food and go off to relax, play, church, shop or do anything else but stand at a kitchen stove.  The sun and the oven together do the work for you. 

May you have lots of sunny days with as many cooking delights as you get to know your Global Sun Oven.


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